Avanti Fair Usage Policy

The Fair Use Policy (FUP) system is a network management tool (controlled by the SES Broadband network) to monitor and administer network resources to ensure all our bigblu customers on the network get a good service.

It uses specific algorithms to identify disproportionate use (e.g very high-volume consumption) of the SES Satellite Broadband Network’s resources. Such disproportionate use is gradually restricted by the FUP, and a higher priority is assigned to end users with lower volume consumption.

Notably, the SES Broadband Fair Use Policy does NOT limit the total download and upload volume per customer terminal or end user.

As with all broadband services, the SES Broadband network’s capacity, which connects end users to the internet, is a shared medium. In order to maintain the best possible quality of service, it is necessary that a FUP is maintained, especially during peak usage hours. Peak usage hours in a broadband network are typically defined by a very high usage of network resources.

The SES Broadband FUP ensures that – during these peak hours – the service cannot be used disproportionately by only a few “heavy” users.

  • Within the FUP the maximum download speed per end user is decreased from a maximum value down to a minimum value in accordance with the end user’s individual monthly download volume consumption.
  • The maximum upload data rate per end user follows a similar principle (but with an independent process). The maximum speed limitations for upload and download – as per your respective tariff – are set for each SES network end user terminal.
  • In the case of non-peak time usage (i.e. typically during the night and morning hours) higher data rates may be provided per connected end user than stated in the following Fair use Policy tables (see “Congestion Factor (CF) (examples) and related speed” in the following tables where the CF < 1). However, these data rates will not exceed the maximum data rate of the respective service tariff.
  • In the case of peak-time usage (i.e. typically during late afternoon until late evening), connected end users may experience lower data rates than stated in the following Fair Use Policy tables (see “Congestion Factor (CF) (examples) and related speed” in the following tables where CF > 1). This is caused by network loading during this period of the day.

The consumed volume (MB) per end user (download and upload) will be re-set every 4 weeks, i.e. the maximum data rate given in Step A (see tables hereafter) is applicable after every (monthly) volume re-set.

Exceeding your data allowance
It’s important to note that once you exceed your monthly data allowance, your connection will be interrupted and you won’t be able to use the internet or send/receive emails. When this happens, you will see a page across all devices notifying you that  your data allowance has been reached.

When you reach your allowance you can either (i) upgrade to a new tariff if this is occurring on a regular basis or (ii) purchase a volume booster from within your customer account. Alternatively, you can simply wait until your data allocation is reset at the beginning of your new billing month.

Persistent extensive use
Bigblu and SES have the right to decrease the maximum data rate (speed limitations) for specific end users who use the SES Broadband too extensively and reduce the overall service performance for all connected end users. This decrease is gradual and is based on volume thresholds/limitations given in this paragraph. It is required in order to improve and optimise the overall service performance for the majority of the registered end users.

Furthermore, bigblu and SES will manage the overall upload and download traffic in relation to its content and may reduce the bandwidth for certain kinds of traffic (e.g. so-called peer-to-peer applications) during peak time in order to prevent an overall congestion of SES Broadband.

The SV10 and SV20 tariffs have a FUP reset policy whereby if you run out of data during the month, for the cost of half your normal monthly tariff you will be able to reset your data. This can only be done once per month on these tariffs. If after the FUP reset you still need more data volume boosters can be purchased.

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