IPTV Broadcast

The industry-standard KA frequency satellite video and audio broadcasting transmission system. Film or report anywhere in Europe, then share your content securely, reliably and quickly back to your content hub for editing.

Trusted by the BBC, CNN and Sky News – and production studios responsible for blockbusters like Skyfall, Die Hard 5 and Captain Phillips – Newspotter and the KA Pro Data Service is the perfect solution for reporters and news crews, temporary press centres, production companies on location (home and abroad), live events, entertainment executives and photographers.

icon of 10 Mbps guaranteed

10 Mbps guaranteed

This speed is on an uncontended connection that means a reliable platform for content delivery and no network congestion issues.

icon of Transmit live or pre-record

Transmit live or pre-record

Built-in transceiver and modem enable you to transmit live or pre-recorded content anywhere in Europe, including parts of Northern Africa.

icon of Cost-free until deployed

Cost-free until deployed

You access the network whenever you need but thanks to our Pay As You Go (PAYG) billing, there are no fees until your system is deployed.

icon of Optional customisation

Optional customisation

Optional private routing for extra security and "Always on" connectivity to manage and broadcast booking regardless of your location.


KA Satellite Flyaway Broadcasting System

Our most cost-effective solution for mobile broadcasting: the bigblu FlyAway Antenna, we can testify to its reliability and robustness, but we’re biased as we designed and manufactured it ourselves.

Don’t take our word for it as it’s also been extensively tested by the BBC, the Ministry of Defence and the Thames Valley and Metropolitan Police forces to name a few.

We designed the Fly-Away for heavy use and regular abuse in a working environment. The stand is produced from high-grade stainless steel and machined alloy, designed specifically for deployment in harsh environments.

Our Flyaway antennas are used across the UK by the police, the NHS, the military and a host of professional broadcasters. Each kit is delivered with dual modems, dual transceivers to make sure you always have spares when deployed in difficult or demanding environments. We are the only supplier who as standard, deliver systems with ‘cold spares’.

Download spec sheet: Flyaway KA Satellite System

Dawson GC-Zero 70

The GC-Zero 70 is Europe's most popular auto-acquiring antenna – and it’s easy to see why.

The very low profile (240mm) antenna ensures vehicle heights are not compromised; its automatic pointing system is simple to set up and use and the user interface requires no special training but gives the operator full control if required

The GC-Zero 70 is so light and compact it can be fitted to virtually any base vehicle; and it is embedded with SD and HD Broadcast applications for IP TV and IP Radio with MPEG 4 coders for Breaking News and perfect replacement for Inmarsat Terminals and highly contended 4G systems.

With all that and more, it’s easy to see why the BBC have them deployed on over 70 of their own vehicles and it is probably the most widely deployed auto-acquire antenna in Europe. It offers superb value in relation to the build quality and controller technology, the equipment needs only minor service intervention and all spares and support are available locally in the UK.

Dawson-Dynamic, the manufacturers of this particular antenna won the Queens Award for Enterprise Innovation in 2016.

Download spec sheet: Dawson GC-Zero 70 KA-SAT

Dawson SC-Zero 70

The Dawson Flyaway Kit is packaged to allow rapid deployment of the KA Satellite IP Broadcast System. The equipment’s will fit into a vehicle and using available power can be deployed in minutes.

The Dawson SC Antenna is a fully automatic flyaway antenna system that is easily packed into three robust flight cases. It is based on the bestselling and award-winning Dawson range of professional antennas used by Emergency Services, Military and Broadcast customers all over Europe. It is just made easier to use and in a way that allows us to offer the same quality at a better price than the competition.

The SC-Zero 70K solves the needs of communications professionals with a very high-quality antenna system. The very compact antenna ensures that the solution can be transported easily in most vehicles, by helicopter or air.

The system operates on the satellite Eutelsat KA-SAT as well as other Viasat networks around the world, it gives the fastest broadband possible via Satellite, depending on the package up to 22 MB and transmission rates of up to 10 Mb.

Download spec sheet: Dawson-SC-Zero-70-KA-SAT1

Cobham Explorer 8100

This is our Cobham auto-acquiring satellite broadcasting solution, recognised as ‘best in class’.

It includes: 100% duty cycle; 3-axis lock; Dynamic Pointing Correction technology; 1m antenna – and only needs servicing every 5 years.

Using lessons learned from Cobham’s SATCOM maritime stabilised VSAT antennas, the 8100 offers the most reliable connectivity available in its class. Its carbon fibre antenna and MIL-SPEC build quality means it uniquely manages vehicle movement (‘rock’) and makes it the perfect choice for broadcasting stable video in wild and windy locations.

The Cobham features industry-leading fast satellite acquisition with pointing achieved in less than two minutes, making getting connected to a satellite a quick and easy process. It also has built-in Wifi and a web-based user interface for easy PC and Smartphone configuration.

Download spec sheet: Explorer 8100 KA

AKD Sat-Comm Flyaway Karbon-75

The Karbon-75 is the most compact lightweight high-performance KA Satellite flyaway antenna in the business.

It can be deployed by a single person without tools in just one minute making it the perfect piece of kit for Newsgathering and Disaster Recovery services.

The precision engineered 75cm carbon-fibre segmented reflector is fitted with long life catches designed to maintain perfect surface accuracy even after repeated deployments.

The reflector segments, E-Tria, tripod mount and the modem backpack all pack into a single padded case. The complete case weighs less than 23kg limit for checked baggage and complies with current IATA airline luggage regulations. We can also supply a hard case solution if required.

The Karbon-75 comes with a unique weatherproof modem box mounted onto the rear of main reflector petal making it ideal in difficult conditions. The modem box itself includes v-lock battery mounts for two batteries, long range Wi-Fi system, Surfbeam Pro 2 modem and E-Tria. The tripod uses a precision gimbal mount, which makes it easy to level and quick to point accurately.

Download spec sheet: AKD Sat-Comm Flyaway Karbon-75.

Short-term hire

Bigblu offers you the option of renting a satellite broadband terminal to give you the ultimate in broadband flexibility, ideally suited for one-off events, festivals, sporting fixtures, exhibitions or conferences.

Training, if required is available from our European HQ in Bicester.

You can either rent the equipment, or we’ll send one of our approved sub-contractors to your specified location with one of our satellite equipment. They will set it up, connect it to the satellite, and hand it over to you or manage the entire event. Bigblu can also deploy the service with a wireless network if that suits your venue or event, just let us know when you order the system. And, if you need a crew to manage the filming of your event, we can also provide this too.

Our off-the-shelf Pro Data service delivers up to 30 Mbps download, 6 Mbps upload and works regardless of the fixed-line infrastructure availability. It is a truly stand-alone system, all we require is a mains power point (or generator, inverter, etc) – it can be in the middle of a field, on top of a mountain or on pretty much any structure like a Portakabin or a shipping container.

If you’ve never rented this sort of kit before, a member of our expert term can walk you through all your requirements.

KA-SAT, the first High Throughput Satellite (HTS) in Europe, marks a new generation of multi-spotbeam, high capacity satellites. KA-SAT’s revolutionary concept is based on a payload with 82 Ka-band spotbeams connected to a network of ten ground stations. This configuration enables frequencies to be reused 20 times and takes total throughput to beyond 90 Gbps.

The NewsSpotter Service is booked via a self-booking portal or simply via contact with our European HQ in the UK. NewsSpotter is only charged by the time and GBs transceived. The Always On service is billed monthly as used, also charged by the GB. There are NO monthly fees or pre-purchase bandwidth requirement, unless additional services are demanded.

Bigblu delivered extensive KA Broadcast services to Fox News and Bell Media for the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Read more about the big day here.

Tinopolis, the international media producer and distributor, use the KA Satellite Cobham 1-Metre Auto-Pointing Antenna for their renowned Outside Broadcast Unit. Read more about the Cobham’s broadcast capabilities here.

RTÉ, Ireland’s national broadcaster, delivered its most comprehensive coverage of the Irish General Election in February, working with bigblu to use its satellite news-gathering service, Newspotter. Find out more about the preparations here.

RAW Productions used bigblu’s satellite broadband technology to live stream the events commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. Read more about the production here.

Film Wifi added the Dawson Auto-Acquire Antenna to their arsenal to help them deliver broadcast and production solutions to film production companies in hard-to-reach locations. Read more about their operation here.

Who is your Newsspotter service most suitable for?
NewsSpotter is a robust KA frequency satellite transmission system designed for any type of production or broadcast team deployment, especially: reporters and news crews in remote locations; temporary press centres; production companies on location at home or abroad; live event coverage and sporting events; entertainment executives; and photographers. The system is also deployed by Military, Police and Emergency Services.

What size is the Newsspotter system?
Compact enough to be carried in a back-pack for Fly-Away use and small enough to be fitted onto a small car for rooftop mounting, NewsSpotter can instantly connect mobile news crews to studios for transmission of live recordings, images and data. Providing native IP connectivity, NewsSpotter is perfectly integrated for the workflows of modern newsgathering operations and is available across KA-SAT’s footprint that covers Europe, North Africa and the UAE.

What is I’m relatively new to this sort of broadcast equipment?
To help broadcasters get the best from the new technology, we offer free training to our new broadcast customers at our headquarters in Bicester, Oxfordshire. The service has been designed to be as simple as possible. It needs just two hours of training in how to use the service. We train them on how to find the satellite and how to use the booking portal, so they can set up the system and get the best from it very quickly.

How do I book transmission time?
The NewsSpotter Service is booked via a self-booking portal or simply via contact with our European HQ in the UK. NewsSpotter is only charged by the time and GB’s transmitted. The ‘Always On’ service is billed monthly as used, also charged by the GB. There are NO monthly fees or pre-purchase bandwidth requirement, unless additional services are demanded.

Does bad weather effect the system?
The honest answer is that it can. But the weather has to be extreme, and the general effect is the signal slows down, so the risk of falling off air is minimal. The overall performance of the KA-Sat NewsSpotter is typically > 99.5%, which is better than fixed-line services.


Satellites are capable of delivering in excess of 100 Gbit/s via multi-spot beam technologies, which makes the technology ideal for implementing IPTV networks. The use of satellite spot beams to carry IP is fundamental to overcoming IPTV’s two most significant shortcomings when using terrestrial cables: the speed & bandwidth of the connection and availability.

Broadcast modem

All antennas are delivered with the Eutelsat Solid State Transceiver (E-Tria) and Pro 2 Broadcast Modem, which offers coverage across the whole of Europe (subject to any local licence restrictions). Eutelsat have a licence that covers 100% of Western Europe and sections of North Africa & Middle East. The system can now be deployed across the USA using the Viasat Exede Satellites.


The service delivers up to 10 Mbps Uplink and 10 Mbps Downlink at 1:1 (dedicated).

Bigblu can suggest local partners in the USA.

The use of video and audio transmission is common with any major TV or film production. We’re proud that our video and audio transmission systems have been used on the following major TV or film productions (to name but a few), either through one of our channel partners or directly from us:

Film: Spectre (James Bond); War Horse; Inception; Sherlock Holmes; Captain America; X-Men: First Class; Gravity; Captain Phillips; World War Z; Guardians of the Galaxy; The Imitation Game; Dracula; Night at the Museum 3; Testament of Youth; Avengers 2; Tarzan; Mission Impossible 5; Me Before You; Eddie the Eagle; The Crown.

TV: Embarrassing Bodies; BBC’s Atlantis; Spooks; Winterwatch; Springwatch; ITV’s Rides;

Broadcasters: BBC News (Radio & TV); SkyNews; CNN; RTÉ