Outage Protection & Failover

When your business suddenly loses connectivity it can feel like you’ve dropped out of orbit. You’re invisible, unresponsive and helpless. The problem is out of your control, and the timing is, invariably, terrible. What’s worse, at that moment, your competitors are probably rubbing their hands. You’ve worked much too hard to see things unravel for the sake of a few broken strands of copper wire. And on average, this happens to UK businesses twice a year for eight hours at a time. In fact, it’s probably happening to someone right now.

If you have a Plan B, then congratulations – you’re ahead of most UK businesses. But if that Plan B is a T1 line then, for all your good intentions, not to mention the considerable cost, you may be in for a surprise. The closer your failover solution to your premises, the greater the probability that the same construction project, downed phone line or copper theft will knock out both your primary connection and your back up.

Our Solution

Like you, we’re cautious. We understand the value of business continuity. That’s why the failover solution we offer is out of the reach of petty thieves, careless builders, and even the weather. About 35,000km out of reach, to be exact.

Whilst we may be unable to replicate the full speed of your connection for the duration of your outage, our solution is quick, cost-effective, and easily deployable. And it means that your critical systems – voice and broadband connectivity – continue to breathe until the problem has been fixed.

We know that these things never seem important until they’re urgent and that the high cost of maintaining a T1 line may put you off the idea of a failover solution. But at bigblu we can offer an Enterprise Grade failover solution for a fraction of the cost of maintaining a T1 line. And what’s more, once your equipment has been installed, which typically costs less than a thousand pounds, you’ll only pay when you need to activate the system. This can be done in seconds and can be based on data used, or charged at an hourly rate.

We know that you don’t want to think about this. And we don’t blame you. But one day you’ll be glad you did. To find out more about our outage protection service contact Selwyn Petterson on +44 (0)1869 222 900 or email him at selwyn.pettersen@bigblu.co.uk.