Outage Protection & Failover

Our satellite technology will ensure your business beats a costly Internet outage – and you are only charged for bandwidth when an outage occurs

Satellite Failover Services

Calculating your business’ Internet exposure
Have you ever calculated how reliant your business and its systems are on Internet connectivity? From internal email communications to wireless telephony, customer orders to client information, payment services to product testing, data capture to vital online services.

That list is non-exhaustive and could go on, and on – and no doubt you could add many more of your own business’ systems and services to it. Oh, and we forgot to mention the unquantifiable reputational damage you might suffer from disgruntled customers, creditors and suppliers.

The cost of Internet outage to your business
With that in mind, have you ever considered what would happen if your business lost Internet connection? Perhaps for a couple of hours, perhaps for a couple of days. Neither scenario is unrealistic, it happens to companies across Ireland and the globe every day.

A report by research company Opinium in conjunction with Imperial College London, revealed that across the water British businesses suffered an average of three days of internet downtime each in 2017. Those combined outages cost the UK economy £7billion in lost productivity and extra overtime.

A similar survey has yet to be done on Irish businesses but the recent examples of AIB, Tesco Mobile and VISA proves that no business, not matter how large or small, is immune to outages and their negative effects. But back to the stark figures from the UK, over 10% of their businesses start losing money immediately when hit by an outage, 28% if that outage lasts for an hour and that figure rises dramatically to 46% if that outage last for four hours. And given that the average outage is six hours, that’s a lot of money to be lost in a very short space of time.

Expensive inefficient solutions
Upgrading to a more robust wired connection, such as T1 line, is an option. A T1 will introduce a fibre optic or copper line into your office but it will come at a cost of anywhere between £750 and £1,200 per month (compare that with satellite failover costs below).

Not only is a T1 line an expensive back-up option it’s also still susceptible to outages and service disruptions such as construction-related cable cuts, copper theft, downed telephone lines, severe weather and more.

In simple terms, the closer your outage Plan B is to your physical premises (and often businesses’ failover solutions, if they have them at all, are literally in the same postcode) the riskier and more inefficient it is.

And that brings us to the simple beauty of our Satellite Failover Solution: total physical separation (e.g. 22,000 miles away out in space) is always low risk and that is exactly what our technology delivers.

The question of how to protect your business
Digital networks are intricate and complicated beasts and experience has proved time and again that no wired or fibre connection can deliver 100% connectivity. The question isn’t whether your business will lose connectivity to the Internet, the question is, how you protect your business when it does happen.

It really could be you and we really want you to be protected. We understand:

  • how important communication and cash flow is to your business;
  • how reliant your business is on virtual systems and cloud-based applications;
  • the need to mitigate the potential costs of lost revenue, customer experience issues and lost productivity;
  • your need to balance costs and benefits without exposing your business to risk

The benefits of bigblu’s Satellite Failover Solution

  • Satellite failover provides immediately available Internet or private networks access to conduct business efficiently and cost-effectively when your lines go down for any reason;
  • Main-office globally available – branch offices and retail locations can enjoy the high availability that used to be limited to larger operations;
  • Enterprise-class reliability for small business – the cost of T1 reliability is out of reach for many businesses, but a small investment in satellite failover to augment DSL or cable internet to the level of T1 coverage is not;
  • Taking protection to the next level – enterprises that can tolerate no downtime, like banks, can use failover to stay up and running when a T1 line goes down;
  • Connected to the cloud – maximise the benefits of cloud computing with less worry about losing your connection when you need it most;
  • IP-SEC VPN & MPLS connectivity over Satellite with routing and handoff;

Typical Costs (those listed are typical):

Our Satellite Failover System is designed to ensure an organisation continues to have voice and broadband connectivity whilst the outage is rectified. This may not be at the volume and speed of the main connection to the building but, vitally, it will ensure the company can continue trading and communicating.

Survey, Installation & Hardware

Site survey (to check site suitability & view of satellite)                                £250.00 + VAT (NRE)
Installation of satellite dish, modem & system connection                           £275.00 + VAT (NRE)
Hardware                                                                                                                  £249.99 + VAT (NRE)

Operational costs

  • ‘Always On’ Standby (bandwidth up to 10 MBps downlink and 4 MBps Uplink, contended to a maximum of 20:1). This is for continual testing and booking dedicated bandwidth at the cost of £39.49 +VAT per month.
  • In Extremis (outage – 1:1 dedicated bandwidth) – only charged when outage occurs from £21.33 per hour.*

* This is “unlimited & dedicated bandwidth”, various bandwidth profiles are available.

Important information

  • If IP-SEC VPN is required, additional monthly fees may apply depending on the system requirements for routing and handoff services;
  • It may also be required to deploy compression / acceleration hardware at the customer site to overcome issues of latency and encryption with VPN;
  • The system has been designed so the customer has little or no cost when not required;
  • The charges are only effective in the event of an outage;
  • The customer or system supplier has access to the satellite portal to turn on or off the bandwidth 365/24/7.

To find out more about our outage protection service contact Selwyn Petterson on +44 (0)1869 222 900 or or email him at selwyn.pettersen@bbb-plc.com.

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