Facts, tips, tricks and expert advice on data consumption
Our package prices mainly reflect the different monthly data allowances. We think this makes things fair, because everyone can select a package to suit how they use the internet. So occasional users who browse the internet and email, pay much less than say a family of four with multiple devices, or maybe a small business. To help you get the best value out of your bigblu service, and also understand how your useage affects your data, here are some facts and advice.

Typical uses for your bigblu broadband connection
The table below suggests how much data your bigblu broadband connection will use on typical activities. It’s just a guideline as the exact amounts will depend on things like your operating system, your browser, and the download.

ActionData usedLevel
Email200 email = 70MB (depending on attachments)Low
VoIP/SkypeVoice call = 0.73 MB/min
Video call = 2.12 MB/min
Web browsing20hrs = 1.5GB Low
iTunes music download120MB per hourMedium
Low Definition movie download0.75GB per movieMedium
High Definition movie download3.5-4.5GB per movieVery high
Spotify7.25hrs = 1GBMedium
Catch-Up TVNormal 1hr = 0.75GB
HD 1hr = 2.75GB
Software updatesUp to 5GBHigh
YouTube/Netflix/Online video30min = 0.2GBVery high
iCloud/Dropbox back-upDepends on amount of data storedVery high
HD video1 hour = 2GBVery high


Expert tips
Lots of our packages include a free unlimited night-time allowance. These can also be added as a bolt on, and are excellent for scheduling downloads of TV or movies. The BBC iPlayer has a scheduling tool for doing this. You can also turn off automatic software updates and instead do them at night. Our Tech Support Team would be happy to help you set these up, so feel free to call them.

Turn off all your apps on any device connected to the Wi-Fi
Apps can make our lives far easier, but some use a lot of data. If your data allowance isn’t going as far as you think it should, find out what apps are using up your allowance even when you think your phone or iPad is in standby mode. If you need any help with this, talk to our Tech Support Team.

Adjust your households streaming habits
Streaming TV or video over the Internet uses a lot of data. So if the same show or movie can be watched on terrestrial or satellite TV, which don’t use your bigblu data, it can help your monthly allowance go further. If you’re struggling with your data consumption, many families set house rules about YouTube, Netflix and similar data-hungry websites.

Monitor your data consumption closely
Our customer portal shows you how much data you’ve used from your monthly allocation. If you’re concerned about your data consumption, or want to see how it’s being consumed, here are some ways you can do this:

Tablets and phones using Android
You can download the free Data Monitor app from the Google Play store. Use it to monitor the usage of data on the device as a whole or by application, such as Facebook or YouTube.

iPhones and iPads
The Data Monitor app is specifically for Apple products and available in the App Store. It gives a breakdown of data consumption on the device and a more detailed analysis of data use by application.

Laptops or desktop computers
GlassWire is a free bandwidth monitor which works on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. It shows your past and present network activity on an easy to understand graph.

Security & local networks
If you feel that your allowance is disappearing more quickly than you think it should, we’d recommend checking your Wi-Fi network is totally secure, and that you have chosen a strong password. That way you’ll be in complete control, and it’ll stop anyone else from jumping on your network and using your data.