How to get the most from your bigblu broadband service during the Coronavirus pandemic

9th April 2020

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic we’ve compiled a list of seven hints and tips to help you get the most from your bigblu broadband and data:

1. Don’t let your apps steal your data

Many applications run in the background on your devices and some of these will be quietly using your broadband connection for tasks such as installing updates or uploading data. To avoid these apps silently stealing your precious data, make sure that all unnecessary applications are shut down to prevent this. Having large numbers of browsers or tabs open may also affect your download speeds.

It’s not just your computer that can use your broadband connection. TV on-demand services such as Sky HD box may be using it to download TV shows or your games console might be downloading updates or new content. These can all involve very large downloads and will slow your internet speed on other devices.

2. Make sure you have the right bigblu package

We have a range of tariffs to suit different customer needs – from light-browser to super streamer. Check out our offers at our website to see what best suits you and your family’s specific requirements.

3. Essential services by day: Non-essential by night

Wherever possible, avoid sending mass emails and large attachments. If you have one, use your landline phone to call family and friends rather than video calls. Many of our packages include unrestricted data allowances between midnight and 6 am. So it would be a good idea to schedule data-hungry software updates or large downloads overnight – rather than slow you down during the busier day time periods.

4. Use our self-service portal

You can access your bigblu account via our Customer Portal where you can monitor your data usage, check invoices, update your billing details and much more. For your protection, we don’t have visibility of the applications that you are running but you can use other online tools to better understand which of your applications are using the most data.

See for Apple devices or for windows.

5. Move your router or modem

It might seem simplistic, but moving your Wi-Fi router could have a positive impact on your Wi-Fi speeds. Avoid surrounding your Wi-Fi router with metal and electrical objects and set your router up high off the floor, it’s often beneficial to place the router in a central location (depending on the size of your home/office).

6. Change your Wi-Fi channel

If you are using one of our Surf Beam 2 Plus modems, your Wi-Fi channel is likely to be set to auto, try changing your channel to 11 for best results. You can see how to do this in our guide.

7. Use a single device for streaming video during the day

Many small businesses are also trying to function between 9 am and 5 pm so to help ensure that we can keep the wheels of industry turning as well as entertaining the families over the Easter break why not try to limit video streaming to a single device during the day at standard definition.