Reseller Programme Overview

Joining bigblu – the global broadband company that goes beyond

For over a decade we’ve been on a mission, in partnership with our resellers, to make super-fast broadband available to everyone, everywhere. We specialise in bringing great broadband to places that are beyond the scope of conventional fibre broadband networks. That mission will see us provide the best service and connection possible to our existing 115,000 customers worldwide, alongside the new customers you bring to the family!

We have worked tirelessly to remove barriers to sale with a re-vitalised service and improved process and systems. We believe that over half of our new customers should be generated through resellers and indirect channels so there has never been a better time to work with us to unlock the demand and access your incredible new commission schemes.

Next Gen Satellite Broadband – Moving Into The Fast Lane

Every one of our new plans comes with superfast speeds of up to 50MB/s. We are ensuring that we confirm to ASA guidelines which means we quote real-world “average” speeds in all of our communications.

This means that average speeds start at 12MB/s with our Bronze package and rise to 36MB/s with our Gold and Platinum packages. That’s faster than many people’s wired connection with companies like BT or TalkTalk. And with 100% nationwide coverage, we go where others don’t.

Removing Barriers To Sale

For years we have struggled to broaden the appeal of satellite broadband due to the upfront equipment costs. We have listened and have removed the up-front costs for our specialist satellite equipment. Customers simply rent the equipment for the duration of their contract*.

Wired Modem                                                  £2.50/ month

Integrated Modem/ Wi-Fi Router              £5.00/ month

*Option to purchase available. Customers will now pay a one-off activation fee of £49.99 and fee of £49.99 for professional (standard) installation.

New Packages Delivering Fibre-Like Speeds

A selection of 4 packages to suit customer usage from light internet usage starting at £24.99 through to multiple devices and video streaming.

Customers would need to agree to a 12-month contract.

Simple And Attractive Commission Schemes

Whether you are interested in generating sales, referred to as SO (Sales Only) or completing the entire sale journey (from opportunity to installation and activation), referred to as SI (Sales & Installation), we have a commission tier for you.

Customer ownership model

At Bigblu being a reseller means a clear focus on each of our roles. Bigblu will deal with the consumer, the billing and customer service, allowing you to focus on sourcing and recruiting new Bigblu customers. For this we will pay market-leading commissions for both the sales (as an SO partner) and also for the installation if you complete this on our behalf (SI Partners).

Peace Of Mind

Free support

We offer technical support when you need it most

(Mon to Fri: 9am-5pm and Sat to Sun: 10am-3pm).

Cooling-off period

All new customers that are brought to us from SI / SO, are protected by a 14-day cooling-off period.

Additional Support


  • Full comprehensive sales training including mandatory statements and compliance – Modular installation training
  • Option of web-based or in-field


  • Suite of compelling marketing materials and messaging from in-store point of sale to targeting and digital marketing
  • Our experienced team will work with you to help support your sales ambitions.

Self-Service Portal

  • Simple completion of new customer orders online.
  • Log customer account and contact details.
  • Keep track of contract details, upgrades and expiry dates.
  • Raise and track technical support tickets.
  • Complete and track new hardware orders.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest partner pricing.
  • Access our broadband technology guides & FAQs.
  • Stay informed with latest business and company news.


Getting Started

Please contact us on for more information and to help you get up and running